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DataCenter Infrastructure Company
Based in Labrador, Canada
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Hestia 80 - Give Our Hearth
A Home
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Connectivity Transformers
Driving Communication Revolution Together
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20 MW+
Overall Capacity
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325 PH/s
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Corner Dots
Our Advantage
Situated in the heart of Northern Labrador, we take full advantage of the cool, dry climate, Mother Nature's own cooling system, and sustainably-sourced hydroelectric power to carry out Bitcoin mining in an energy-conserving manner with absolutely no cooling costs.
Data Center
Packaged solutions for deploying highly scalable data centers and cloud services. With a repeatable, standardized design, it is easy to match demand and scale infrastructure quickly.
Block Chain
The Blockchain is a peer-to-peer, open digital ledger that chronicles and authenticates transactions across an array of computers securely. It is a bedrock of trust, infallibility, and operational efficiency, thus laying the groundwork for an array of applications that go beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies. Its transformative potential is reshaping industries on a global scale.
Customer Service
Our support team is online 24/7. Contact us via live chat or e-mail to support@blocklab.ca. We’ll be more than glad to help you!
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BlockLAB Agra Foods
Introducing BlockLAB Agra Foods, a groundbreaking initiative that is revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable agriculture and cryptocurrency mining.
Recent spin-off of our heater Co, Hestia Heating Inc
We are thrilled to announce the recent spin-off of our renowned heater company, Hestia Heating Inc.
What is
And how does it work?
Cryptocurrency is digital money using cryptography for secure transactions. It operates on decentralized networks, like blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and removing intermediaries.
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