BlockLAB powers blockchain globally, boosts food security, and supports local economies through efficient, eco-friendly hydro-electric infrastructure.

About Us
Utilizing the power of hydro-electricity to augment global blockchain technology, increase provincial food security and benefit the local economy, BlockLAB is dedicated to building the most efficient and affordable infrastructure, while also being among the most environmentally friendly high-density computing data centers in the world.
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BlockLAB is the ticket to the future, where energy-efficient mining, transparent blockchain, and decentralized power revolutionize industries.
Getting Started: Deployed 25 S9s and leased space in Wabush NL
NL Hydro: Submitted application to NL Hydro in 2017 and went through PUB process / approval in 2018
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Equipment: Purchased 210 S9’s
Site Progression: Signed lease for Goose Bay location
Power: 100 KW of capacity
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Hosting: Signed 3.5MW hosting deal
Equipment: Purchased 2,000 S9’s
Power: 6.2MW
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Aurora: Energized new site in Wabush NL via joint venture
Deal Flow: Signed additional hosting clients
Power: ~14MW
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2022 -2023
Power: Additional 14 Mw Non-firm approved
Hashrate: Increased self mining hashrate
Agrafoods: Successfully heated a greenhouse to produce greens and mushrooms
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Meet Our Team
Curtis Doran
Curtis has accumulated more than 15 years of technology development , management and operating experience. Curtis is Co-founder and CEO of BlockLAB and Co-founder and VP of Operations at Big Land Networks Ltd. Curtis earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Memorial University.
Curtis Doran
Chief Executive Officer
David Hall
David has accumulated over 15 years of mining industry and management experience focusing on operations, planning and continuous improvement to maximize efficiency. David has a local knowledge of connecting Labrador and experience in deploying fibre-optic and wireless networks.
David Hall
Robert Burton
Robert brings over 15 years of technical experience to the team. His career spans roles in providing consulting and management services to cable and internet companies. Robert co-founded BlockLAB, and has been involved in bitcoin mining since 2016. His combination of ISP/network and cryptocurrency mining expertise position him to drive BlockLAB’s technical strategies.
Robert Burton
Chief Technology Office
Jason Budgell
Jason has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in financial services, primarily working for large financial institutions in commercial lending and business development roles. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and has accumulated several financial planning, securities, and risk management certifications.
Jason Budgell
Chief Financial Officer
Joel Landry
Complementing the management team in day to day operation at Hestia, is a team of multi-skilled technicians from Big Land networks and BlockLAB that together encompass the many departments within information systems, such that there is always a skilled member able to help.
Joel Landry
Chief Engineering Officer
Strategic Partnerships
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